I will hereby take the liberty of showcasing this exceptional property to you, in an exclusive representation and within a non-public offer...


- a Pearl of the Central Bohemia -

Accurately restored, heritage-protected, baroque-classicist Chateau... in the middle of untarnished nature and yet easily accessible (only 35 km) to Prague.

A property that combines luxury and elegance in a unique harmony that will give you a feeling of peace and well-being...

The first mentions of the building originated in 1318.

Reconstruction into a Baroque Chateau took place in 1729.

Various modifications in the second half of the 19th century gave the building a neoclassical look.

Several historically important parts, such as cast iron columns, forged wrought iron railings and statues in the chateau park, also date back to this era.

These figurative sculptures are named: Loutnista (Lutenist), Lovec (Hunter), Flora, Podzim (Autumn) and Zima (Winter). They are the work of a German sculptor - Möldner.

The latest and very expensive restoration of the Chateau took place between years 2005-09.

Other significant gems include the uncovered and restored wall paintings from years 1700 & 1750 and the wooden trought vault in the main hall on the 2nd floor above ground.

Former owners of the Chateau included, for example, Count Jan Josef Kinský or Countess Marie Anna Harbuval-Chamaré.

The Chateau building itself has a very generous usable area of 1,450 sqm.

17 unique rooms are avaiable in total, as well as 4 bathrooms and a stairwell. 

The building is covered by a fully hipped mansard roof

The baroque mansard roof is one of the best restored roofs in all of Bohemia. 

The floor plans of the interior are restored to their original state of around year 1729.

The Chateau does not have corridors, instead utilizing free passage between individual rooms, which follow a logical continuitiy per their intended use.

The second floor above ground features a restored enfilade, which is both a fucntional and otical connection of individual adjecent rooms.

The third floor above ground attic is currently divided into two parts per their use.

One half is furnished for creative work and the other half serves as simple storage space.

The Chateau also includes an adjecent building, which is also divided into two parts.

The first one is the residential part and the second part of the building, with a floor area of 370 sqm on ground floor, in now used for operational facilities. Originally it was used as a hall with a balcony and a stage.

This whole building, both the entire ground floor of both parts, and possibly through construction on the 2nd floor above ground in the second part of the building, offers the possibility of expanding the capacity with additional housing units.

In the already mentioned the first part of the building, with a floor area of 450 sqm, features four rooms with vaulted ceilings and a technical bathroom on the ground floor.

The second floor above ground includes two beautiful separate apartment units (5+1 & 2+1) both of which have been thorougly renovated and furnished to match the style of the main Chateau building.

The Chateau will enchant you with a unique exhibition of classic furniture and interior fittings from renowned European companies, many of which use traditional production techniques to this day.

The entire building is designed and equipped to serve both as a comfortable private residence (either a permanent one or as an exceptional summer residence) as well as a magnificent company headquarters.

Moreover, it also provides an opportunity for any unusual business plans and will certainly appeal to art lovers with its potential.

The building is set like a treasure in the middle of a 3.7 hectare baroque area consisting of the Chateau building itself, an English-style park and two ponds. 

The meticulously maintained park is a calming harmonous space, which is decorated with the tallest cypress (Thuja plicata) in the Czech Republic as well as with mature chestnuts, lindens, maples, pines, oaks, beeches, sycamores, ginkgo biloba and many others.

The Chateau is located in an enclosed area, which guarantees the necessary privacy and safety.

The entrance is secured by an automatic high hand-forged gate operated through a cell phone, ensuring maximum comfort + one gate for arriving by stairs in the park and 2 gates for staff.

The courtyard allows trouble-free parking for up to 10 cars, as well as a paved parking area on the plot behind the upper gate.

The area of the chateau complex can also be used for a heliport.

The building is supplied with drinking water from its own well.

There are also another 2 wells in the park. 

And sewage - sewage treatment plant. 

Heating is provided by heat pumps.

Further than 2 electric tiled stoves, 1 wood-fired tiled stove, 1  fireplace - open hearth.

Sale of the property: "share deal", 

100% of business share.

In addition to the entire area of the Chateau & its complete equipment, which is considered a unique exhibition of the classic interior of the 21st century.

It will be an honor to welcome you on a tour of this gem...