As part of my comprehensive real estate and legal services, I will provide...

A SUCCESSFUL SALE OF REAL ESTATE is a complex process where all activities require expert knowledge, adequate amount of time and perfect project management. Let's get acquainted with its basic structure in these 9 points...

1. Price Analysis

  • Preparation of a comparative analysis of real estate prices
  • Determination of the proper market price for a successful sale of your property
  • Sources: price trends // sales data from RE/MAX network (1.300 brokers) // comparison with current offers on the real estate market

2. Marketing Plan

  • Property website
  • Ad servers; topping

  • Online advertising campaigns (Facebook, PPC)

  • Direct connection to a personal database (4.500 contacts) on the LinkedIn network

  • Leaflet campaign // billboards // notice boards

  • Cooperation with other real estate agents within RE/MAX network; pairing system of demands

3. Property preparations

  • Reservation of a Moving Company
  • Full clearing of the property
  • Partial repairs
  • Painting
  • Comprehensive cleaning
  • Home staging
  • Scent marketing 

4. Professional Presentation

  • Professional photographs
  • Recording a video-tour & drone shots
  • Geodesy of the property & processing of the ground plans (layout)
  • Creation of a virtual tour using Matterport
  • Visualization of the potential future state
  • 2D & 3D blueprints

5. Securing Documentation

  • PENB (Průkaz energetické náročnosti budov) // Building Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

  • Documents from associated legal offices (Land Registry, Construction, Finances,...)

6. Auction of R. E. Property

  • Option of sale through a modern non-traditional mode
  • Increase in sale value by tens of percent
  • Potential buyers first get a tour of the property and get well acquainted with it
  • The auction takes place online, in one round on the RE/MAX client portal

7. Qualification of Buyers

  • Qualification form of the buyers prior to getting a tour of the property

  • Record checks of buyers

  • Securing financing - mortgage loan directly tailored to ensure that everything is done in the shortest possible time and without any worries for you

  • Administration and communication with the lending bank

8. Legal Services

  • Experienced attorneys and lawyers studied in real estate and property law ensure complete security and accuracy of contracts, documents and files

  • The law firm draws up reservation contracts, brokerage contracts, purchase contracts and agreements and all necessary documentation

9. After-sale Services

  • Handover of the property

  • Registration & Deregistration of property tax

  • Transfer of energy consumption title

  • Informing the facility manager