Within the scope of *****ALL INCLUSIVE real estate services for you, I will take care of...

THE SUCCESSFUL SALE OF REAL ESTATE is a complex process whose activities require expert knowledge, corresponding time and perfect project management. Let's get acquainted with the basic structure in 9 points...

1. Price Analysis

  • Preparation of the comparative analysis of real estate property prices
  • Determination of the correct market price for the successful sale of your real estate property
  • Sources: price maps // data from sales in the entire RE/MAX network (1,300 real estate agents) // comparison of current real estate offers on the market

2. Marketing Plan

  • Real estate website
  • Ad servers, rankings
  • On-line advertising campaign (Facebook, PPC)
  • Direct address from the personal database (4,500 contacts) on the LinkedIn professional network
  • Leaflet campaign // tarpaulins // notice boards
  • Cooperation with real estate agents within the entire RE/MAX network, pairing system for buyers' enquiries,

3. Preparation of the R. E.

  • Arrangement of moving services
  • Complete clearing of real estate

  • Partial repairs

  • Painting

  • Comprehensive cleaning

  • Home staging

  • Scent marketing

4. Professional Presentation

  • Professional photography
  • Creation of video tours + drone views
  • Surveying of the real estate and processing of the ground plan (layout)
  • Creation of a 24/7 virtual tour using Matterport
  • Visualisation of the potential future state
  • 2D and 3D sketches

5. Provision of Documentation

  • Building Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Documents from the Land Registry Office, Building Authority or the Revenue Office 

6. Auction of R. E. Property

  • Opportunity to use this modern untraditional mode of sale
  • Increase the value and selling price of the real estate by tens of percent

  • The potential buyers first take a tour of the real estate property and get acquainted with it properly

  • The auction is electronic and has only one round. It runs on the RE/MAX client portal

7. Qualification of Buyers

  • Qualification form for buyers prior to the tour of the sold real estate property

  • Verification in the registers

  • Securing financing - tailor-made mortgage to ensure that everything is accomplished within the shortest possible time and for it to be worry-free for you

  • Administration and communication with the creditor bank

8. Legal Services

  • The experienced advocates and lawyers in the field of real estate and property law will ensure the full security and correctness of the contracts, documents and records for you
  • The law firm shall prepare the booking contracts, brokerage contracts, purchase contracts and agreements as well as all necessary documentation 

9. After-sale Service

  • Handover of the real estate property
  • Deregistration / Registration of real estate tax
  • Transfer of energy consumption title
  • Informing the facility manager