Allow me to introduce myself... I am Dana Maria Staňková... I am a certified real estate agent working for the prestigious real estate agency RE/MAX G8 Reality in Prague - Karlín, Rohanské nábřeží.

I provide my clients with comprehensive real estate and legal services in the residential and commercial real estate segments, including consulting. I also brokerage bargain financing for them.

My operating zone is mainly Prague, but thanks to my "Southern" roots I also cover selected localities of Southern Moravia and Southern Bohemia.

I am fully aware that the purchase and sale of real estate is often a major life investment, which is usually associated with strong emotions and expectations. For this reason, I handle each case with maximum care, an individual approach, responsibility andcommitment.Your real estate is in the best hands and will be sold for the highest possible price to the selected buyer. All this including comprehensive and above standard real estate service, securely, quickly and in a positive atmosphere.

This applies regardless of whether you are selling, renting, purchasing or searching for real estate... You are in the right place. I am also ready to provide professional real estate services to you.

Do not hesitate to contact me, even in a case where you only need consultation and advice regarding real estate, including free appraisal and evaluation.

It will be a pleasure to meet you...


  • Sale and rent of flats, family houses, villas, tenement blocks, cottages, manors  


  • Sale and rent of office / store / manufacturing / storage space, hotels, restaurants and cafés


  • Sale of building construction and commercial land
  • Sale and rent of gardens / orchards / vineyards